Just So You Know (the first thing about cooking)

Some people don’t know the first thing about cooking. But who’s to say that they shouldn’t be allowed to learn it? And yes, a recipe is a good place to start, but some people don’t even know where to find stuff in the store that isn’t cereal or deli meat. And that’s fine. But someone should tell them if they want to know. This is what I feel a lot of cooking blogs are missing, or maybe their audience is just of a more advanced ilk. People usually will help you out with REALLY obscure stuff, but I feel some cooks get to a point where they take ingredient knowledge for granted. Here are a few pet peeves that I think should be magically addressed by the world at some point in the future. Don’t be an accidental elitist!

Fancy types of cheeses: what other types of cheeses are they like? Civilians may worry that “fancy” cheese is funky and smelly and disgusting, but maybe it’s similar to cheddar or swiss, oh great! Food bloggers whose ranks I’ve joined but a mere week ago, we need to make this information readily available to these folks lest they be too intimidated to ever enjoy cheese to it’s ever so full extent. P.S. in my experience, Manchego cheese is wildly expensive and I can never justify paying for it.

Pricechopper, Big Y, Stop&Shop, Shaw’s and other major food outlets in other geographical areas besides the northeast: The majority of people do their shopping here. Most people do not frequent specialty stores or might not even know where any are near them. Stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are becoming more popular, but might still be intimidating to some people. We gotta demystify this shit! Sad as it is, lots of people don’t like mystery anymore. Too scary, and the world is scary enough with dangerous chemicals, internet privacy protection and people on the street who you don’t know if they’ll really spend the dollar you give them on food or not, but probably some of them will, but how do you know???

Speaking of dangerous chemicals: Just HOW dangerous are dangerous chemicals? I’m a frequent user of the fantastic service that StumbleUpon provides, but I put “health” as one of my interests, and now I get all these sites telling me STAY STILL AND DON’T EAT, TOUCH, SMELL OR PUT ANYTHING IN, ON OR AROUND YOUR BODY THE CONSEQUENCES ARE DIRE!!! And I say to these sites “leave me alone.” Scare tactics. Basically what I’m saying that if you ever come across a claim of this nature and believe it to likely be true, please do ADDITIONAL research just to make sure before you alter your lifestyle. Because there is MORE than enough stuff out there to make you crazy as far as dangerous chemicals go. You can’t possibly avoid ALL “dangerous” chemicals. Let’s be honest.

The opposite: Superfoods: don’t believe in ’em. Antioxidants: don’t believe in ’em. Obviously they’re REAL, but I mean that they have more than a negligible effect on the life that I live. Is just false. Is just my opinion.

Whole wheat flour: Is AT LEAST twice as expensive as regular flour. I feel bad when I think about lower income mothers or fathers feeling bad that they must feed their family with BAD FOR YOU white flour. What kind of burden is that to put on a person?

Naturally lighted photos: Sometimes I cook at night, and what if I want to share that with people? I don’t have the time or resources to do the recipe again tomorrow morning to show a bowl of cookie dough looking like it just walked off the runway. Or if it’s plain old cloudy outside. Basically I’m complaining that other people take nice photos and I don’t haha. And even though I harshly judge blogs with bad photos or no photos, that is not something you or I should do, because they still could have very interesting or helpful content! Curses upon the earth’s daily rotation upon its wobbly little axis.

That’s it for now. I’d like to post some guides on things like cheeses and spices later on from other sites that have already compiled better information than I could compile.

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