Five Pictures of Whipping Cream

The self-explanatory art of whipping cream is that you pour the whipping cream into a bowl and then whip it using a mixer until it turns into whipp-ED (past tense) cream. The difference between heavy cream and whipping cream is that whipping cream usually has whipping-friendly additives, but you can use both. Light cream does not have enough fat in it to whip very well. Also you can sweeten the whipped cream with powdered sugar.

Also here is a chart someone posted on a HEAVY CREAM VS. WHIPPING CREAM thread. Talk about WHOA. Someone made that, you know. I wonder if a farmer made it. Or a scientist. Regardless if I care or if you care, someone in the world made that. And they care.

Step one. Bowl+whipping cream

Step two. I can pour cream and take a picture at the same time.

Step three. Bubbles.

Step four. Holds its shape.

Step five. Look, it's whipped cream!

Wasn’t that an adventure???? Stay tuned for more culinary safaris such as this.

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2 Responses to Five Pictures of Whipping Cream

  1. Mr. Copenhagen says:

    Nice American diet staple!

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