Other types of food

I took this picture of gingersnaps lined up in a plastic bag when I was gonna smash ’em and make a gingersnap crust, and it reminded me of a gingersnap blanket. This reminded me of a clip of the HILARIOUS show Delocated where the witness protection program protagonist’s girlfriend opens a craft store with goofy things such as tortilla hats. Her overly whimsical crafts like these tortilla hats and in another episode a stool backpack remind me of my sometimes overly whimsical craft endeavors, so I had myself a laugh.

This isn’t THE funniest clip from Delocated, so here is one I think it funnier, where Jon, the witness protection program protagonist runs for dog mayor.

Additionally, Delocated is a funny show on Adult Swim, but an even FUNNIER show is Children’s Hospital, as seen here. Ohhh I watch them over and over again. Ho ho ho. And that is my opinion on comedy for the day. Alt-comedy mannnn fight the power!!!!!


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3 Responses to Other types of food

  1. Mr. Copenhagen says:

    Americans don’t know how to make gingersnaps.

    • That’s just the kind from the bag at the store. I didn’t want to waste good, soft, tasty gingersnaps on mashing them up for a crust. I’ve never made gingersnaps myself but am sure there’s some good American gingersnaps out there!

  2. Ouch.

    Also, please, there is no need to pit two great shows up against each other like that. Imagine if J.G. was browsing the internet because he wanted to step up his gingersnap game (because he is bad at making them). He sees his show mentioned, then derided. Come now!

    Thank you for fighting the good fight.

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