800 RECIPES!!! Who treats you right?

Although many of my posts thus far have had Food Network influences, there are many food blogs online (redundant!) with GREAT ideas that I admire and use, and those recipes and ideas I will be posting in the future.

For now, I’d like to share a feature on Food Network’s website that I find quite useful and that shares my philosophy to learn how a certain type of food works and then adapt it to your tastes in order to reduce recipe-induced panic. It’s all about you, babe.

They’re hard to find in one place on the website, so here’s a list of the links. Each contains 50 variations on a simple recipe i.e. a cheese pizza, chicken noodle soup etc. I put them roughly in the order of how useful I think they’d be to people. Lots of ideas for food to make for parties that are just a bit different from the norm but still crowd pleasing.

50 Paninis

50 Pancakes and Waffles

50 Pizzas

50 Holiday (or anytime) Cookies

50 Burgers

50 Nachos

50 Soups

50 Snacks

50 Mashed Potatoes

50 Egg Dishes

50 Holiday Drinks

50 Summer Drinks

50 Tailgating Recipes

50 Toast Toppers

50 Kebabs

50 Stuffings

Enjoy yourself with some new tasting toppings, folks!

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