Yogurt vs. Greek Yogurt what gives??

Have you heard of Greek yogurt but not known what it is besides wondering why it is slightly more expensive??? Oikos? Fage? Chobani?

I will tell you just in case you were wondering or want or need to know. What is the difference between regular and Greek yogurt? This qualifies as a need. Greek yogurt is regular yogurt that has been strained to get rid of that yellowy layer of liquid that tops some cups of yogurt (others have it removed or chemically altered away I dunno).

Therefore the yogurt is thicker without all that liquid mixed in. It is sometimes sold in a slightly different array of flavors of the more tangy variety or with honey and is used in Mediterranean cuisine for tzatziki sauce (<-I’ve not tried this recipe although it appears pretty standard), which often goes with falafel. Yogurt in savory things! You go, Turkey and Greece!

So that’s why Greek yogurt is more expensive because it’s 100% yogurt and not 90% yogurt, 10% liquid, which is cheaper than yogurt DUH! This non-liquidy yogurt is also healthier for you:

In the United States, Greek yoghurt has gained popularity due to its health benefits. It has twice the protein of regular yogurt but is lower in sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar. The straining process that takes place for Greek yoghurt (not Greek-styled yoghurt) not only removes the excess whey, but also excess sodium, carbohydrates, and sugar. The higher protein content is due to the fact that 3-4 times more milk is used to make 1 lb of Greek yoghurt than for 1 lb of regular yogurt. Most Greek yoghurt also contains live and active probiotics to aid in digestion and to provide healthy bacteria for one’s body. Due to the straining process to remove excess whey, even non-fat varieties of Greek yoghurt are rich, thick, and creamy. [from wikipedia]

Wikipedia says yog-hurt. If you’re really serious you can strain your own regular yogurt with cheesecloth as explained on thekitchn, great blog! Read the comments too for other suggestions. Paying regular yogurt price for thick, lush Greek yogurt! Beat the system, yeah!


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