Greek Yogurt Part II: Explicit Content Advisory

So first of all, everyone, yogurt pee water is actually called whey. Like curds and whey. You’re eating the curds, folks. I took my own advice and strained some yogurt. I left it draining for a few hours. Now, brace yourselves here for a photograph of what I call yogurt pee water but is actually whey.

YOGURT PEE WATER AHHH!!! Two people gagged when I showed them this.

That much liquid drains from one quart of yogurt after only a few hours!! Crazy!! Some people are not used to the sight of what truly looks like yogurt pee water and the idea of consuming it is quite nauseating to them. You can also see the yogurt draining contraption I made in the photo above.

I had some of the drained yogurt today topped with honey and raspberries, oh my goddddd, that stuff on its own is THE TARTEST THING I’VE HAD IN MY LIFE! So tangy. Extremely concentrated yogurt flavor.

Big glug of yogurt before drained.

I’ve found several different reports around the internet on what you can do with the whey rather than pouring it down the drain. Some say put it in smoothies or baked goods for protein in place of milk or other mild liquids. But this nutrition site, for example, says there’s only two grams of protein in a whole CUP of yogurt pee water, so that just seems inefficient to me. You can also use it to make your own cheese, but I can’t find a really solid recipe for that. Whey is also the source of whey protein powder bulk up stuff. So that’s the story.



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