Relationship Advice.

I have 12 boyfriends worldwide, like on that episode of Modern Family where Claire’s friend from high school (played by Minnie Driver) is like “I have one in San Francisco, Paris, New York… Oh, and one more, I can’t remember….” Or I just have ONE SUPER SWELL boyfriend with whom to spend Feb. 14, but I want to tell you all what I am looking forward to most about Valentine’s Day.

I am looking second most forward to making these chocolate hazelnut souffles from Giada that I have never made before so I can’t tell you yet if they’re worth it or not. But MOST OF ALL, I am vigorously anticipating the single moment during which I will put some powdered sugar into a sifter and shake a delicate layer of snowy white specks of sweetness over these chocolate hazelnut souffles. It’s thrilling just thinking about it. Powdered sugar just makes everything seem like a treat, even ACTUAL treats like souffles, which certainly aren’t on the menu on a regular basis. I can’t even tell you. Like, I’ve thought about it several times. It’s highly important to me.

So my relationship advice to you, all the single ladies or otherwise, is to top something with powdered sugar this Valentine’s Day. To be clear I do not mean emotional eating; I mean a small moment of something special. Make brownies out of the box and sprinkle it with powdered sugar. Make French toast (like this or Google fancier recipes) for breakfast, lunch or dinner and sprinkle it with powdered sugar. It will look so beautiful. The moment will be so sublime. This is the essence of love. I am only about one quarter joking.

Other empowering garnishes include dessert (or hot chocolate) topped with whipped cream topped with cocoa powder, a drizzle of chocolate, and fruit on the rims of glasses. Please enjoy these treats frequently on your path to self-actualization.


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