Quieting the Chocolate Craving

Trying not to eat a whole bunch of dessert instead of just a small amount of dessert is one of the most demanding psychological challenges one can face. How can you trick yourself into doing something when you are neither smarter than or less smart than yourself?

In my daily life I have been working on this issue for quite some time. I will divulge to you my top three snacks with chocolate in them that provide decent nutrients:

1) Stonyfield Farm Chocolate Underground yogurt. I eat this every single day. And I love it. Cool, refreshing and chocolate. I keep it in the fridge, not on the grass as shown in the picture. A cow might step on it.

2) Kashi Dark Chocolate Coconut TLC Fruit and Grain Bars. The chocolate on top is SO good and rich. Most chocolatey granola bar there is Deep Fried Epiphany GUARANTEE. Has fiber. Delicious.

3) Fiber One Chocolate Fudge Toaster Pastries. These are a bit more carb-intensive than the other two, but real pop tarts are so good but have NOTHING good in them, sadly. Fiber One has 20% DV fiber, and slightly less sugar, fat, calories and sodium than the regular pop tarts so you can eat least feel like you did somewhat of a good thing.

Are these foods low in sugar? No. Reminder that I am not a nutritionist, merely an amateur mind-game engineer. Sugar makes your blood sugar spike way up high then plummet so you notice a difference and are then hungry yet again. But right now we’re just talkin’ Kashi granola bar vs. bag of Milanos, which, admittedly, are an irreplaceable commodity. But still.

My latest psychological endeavor that has been working quite well for TWO WHOLE WEEKS is making one batch of brownies in a mini muffin tin and freezing them. Brownies, cookies and muffins all freeze well. Cupcakes would be a bit more high maintenance.

So you remove your one mini brownie, microwave it for 30 seconds, then enjoy a few mouthfuls of cakey, chewy, chocolatey goodness, which is my main craving, cakey but not cake. You have your moment, enjoy your moment, then the moment passes. See you again tomorrow. Also careful not to burn it, then the inside is scorching hot and hard and dry. Bad news.

Little Kahuna brownie dessert (slightly blurry, yes)

For me, a recipe for an 8×8 pan made 24 mini cups. Then I can have the utmost pride and think “WOW, I ate that pan of brownies in TWENTY-FOUR sittings, my will power is SUPERHUMAN!!!” And the cup-ness also helps make it its own entity. Like 1 cup and 2 cup are different things. A small piece of brownie from a pan and a larger piece are the same thing, but one is slightly larger. The consciousness is there on many levels also because it is its own process (albeit an easy one) to make a new one. Make your laziness work WITH you, in this case.

Maybe you think this is stupid and would never work, but I have been trying to eat better and have been able to stand by this dessert policy, so it has worked at least one time. Try it, there is the off-chance that you will feel superhuman, too!

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