A Cultural Note About Hot Dogs

Why did I think of this on the way to work, I’m not sure. Actually maybe it was I had just made sausage pizza.

So people are always like “Hot dogs?!?!? Oh my god, do you know what they put in those things????”” Like hot dogs are the lowest of the low. But obviously people still eat them because we still have a BOOMING hot dog industry. So not that many people are TOO worried. But.

You know, in some other cultures and even in some parts of the US, it is encouraged and often necessary to use ALL the parts of the animal. And I guess, yeah, we do think it’s gross when Andrew Zimmern drinks pig’s blood or eats a hoof or something, but what about when people are like “Indians [Native Americans] use(d) ALL of the buffalo”? People say it all proud of them like “wow, look at how resourceful, we could really learn from their ways,” pretty patronizing, of course, but what’s up with this double standard?? Hot dogs follow this exact formula! Unless they used some “hot dog” parts of the buffalo to make tools and other household items, but I do not think most people have a working knowledge of the full inventory of an 18th century Native American family’s belongings!

So just saying that the small mostly hypothetical demographic who are like “ew hot dogs” and “wow, buffalo,” you are hypocrites!! Ha-ha, I have outsmarted a small mostly hypothetical group of people today.

And also the fact that hot dogs are unhealthy or unclean cause of “what they put in them” is much more of a cultural statement than an objective one. They’re salty and fatty because of salt and meat. Or if you are hardcore Muslim or Jewish you don’t eat pork anyway cause it’s unclean. So that’s that.

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