Headline: Expired Crackers Transform Pasta.

I wasn’t even gonna write this post cause it’s so dumb, but time after time, leftover after leftover, I was thrilled with the outcome of this silly silly thing.

These crackers.

I buy interesting flavored crackers sometimes but I never eat them because I never eat crackers. These crackers, for example, expired three months ago. Another thing I repeatedly make but do not eat is pasta dishes. I seem to find them bland. For example, I made a very labor-intensive baked pasta with gorgonzola sauce and I couldn’t even taste the gorgonzola! How does that even happen??

So anyway, I yet again decided to make a cheesy pasta with spinach that I probably wouldn’t eat, but I had no breadcrumbs but I had these roasted veggie crackers!! Smashed em up and oh my lord something about the whole thing was DELICIOUS!! I HAPPILY ate every noodle of this pasta.

It was basically this if anyone’s interested, it was shells with spinach and parmesan sauce. It’s from the newest issue of Cooking Light, though, so the actual one is not online, you have to SUBSCRIBE like I do…

The crackers are on the spicy side, as far as crackers go, and leave a zippy little after taste. They really just jazzed up this parmesan spinach pasta in a way I could not have predicted!

Moral of the story is: Try zippy crackers as bread crumbs on pasta. This is already standard practice for mac and cheese, but there are so many tomato/rosemary/olive oil/basil/parmesan/roasted veggie flavored crackers out there that could go on Italian cheesy pastas. I freely give my product endorsement to these Kashi ones.


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