I dare you not to eat this can of beans in 4 years

You could buy this can of red kidney beans on your first day of high school/college and eat it as an EXTRAVAGANT reward when you graduate. I DEFY you not to eat this can of beans for four whole years.

What I am saying is here is a dish (side dish or main dish) that you can make from stuff in your cabinet/freezer that will last 1-5 years. I was very hungry after class but had no prepared food, and I had already eaten eggs, the non-meal meal, for lunch. What to do??? Have a can of beans and frozen corn in the cabinet and freezer, respectively. That is what.

Expiration date of beans. Incredibly powerful photo

There are very many recipes, some more structured than others, for this corn and bean salad all over the internet. Here is just an idea more than a recipe that takes five minutes to make and can be made ANY TIME IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. Tasty and flavorful way to eat usually boring veggie-legumes.

Expiration date of corn. Understand the power.

The main flavor-maker is cilantro, an herb (that some people are averse to but I happen to love) that you can buy fresh in gigantic sprigs, then put it in a food processor or chop it finely, put it in an ice cube tray, add a little water, and freeze for cilantro freshness for months to come! No, I don’t know how many months. Mine have been frostbitten but still provide sufficient flavor.

“Mexican” Corn and Bean Salad

1. Open 14oz can of beans. This is “normal” sized. I used kidney beans but black beans or chick peas would also work. Pour into strainer and rinse off all the goop because it is full of salt.

2. Microwave an equal amount of frozen corn for about 1 minute, or until thawed but not hot. Or use canned corn but it just tastes different to me in its strange juices.

3. Pour corn and beans into same bowl.

4. In a different bowl, place 1-3 cilantro ice cubes (I LOVE IT so I used a lot) and microwave about 30 seconds, til you can separate it apart with a fork. This is I have no idea how much fresh cilantro. 1/3 cup chopped? This is to your taste.

5. In cilantro bowl, mix in APPROXIMATELY 4 tablespoons vinegar, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 2 teaspoons lime juice, 1 tablespoon honey, and pinches of salt, pepper and/or cayenne pepper until uniform.

I don’t measure my dressing experiments, but again, I emphasize tasting it and adjusting. Sometimes this skill is hard, but in salad dressings each ingredient has such a unique taste and purpose that it should not be too difficult to determine the source of an unpleasant proportion. Vinegar and honey are hard to confuse, is what I’m saying.

5. Combine corn-bean bowl with dressing bowl and all done!

Other things you could add: avocado, jalapeno or other peppers, red onions, tomato. It can become more or less like a salsa. I ate mine out of the bowl, but would make a great Tostitos topper!


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