Aaaaand, we’re back

1. I cook almost exclusively at night, a time of day with very little natural lighting to make my photos easy on your eyes.

2. Dirty ass kitchen, no clear spaces measuring about 1’x1′ in which to display food without crumpled paper towels and dried-on layers of flour in background.

3. I still feel semi-guilty about posting recipes (and citing them, of course) that are not my own even though it is 100% standard practice. Unrealistic standards of originality in the year 2011.

4. BUSY with school.

These are EXCUSES (What? Excuses, yes) that I made to myself that prevented me from posting for a LONG time. Just sad, guilty excuses to myself, not to my adoring readership. THIS IS NO PLACE FOR EXCUSES.

Anyway, summertime now although I’ve got some summer classes and a journalism gig on my ***plate***, hopefully we can get this thing up and running again.

Here are some photos of  a baguette, some monterey jack cheese and strawberries that we had just for a nice treat. Sometimes you’re like “YEAH, gonna treat myself to eating ABSOLUTE SHIT!!!” meaning like ice cream, elaborate cakes, SEVERAL m&m’s and peanut butter cups and stuff like that, because you deserve it. And by all means I’m saying that you do. You work hard all day e’ry-day. But good bread, cheese and strawberries can also make a highly satisfying treat. Photos taken on a borrowed camera that is very nice, so although they are still taken under the dark cloak of night, it’s like, sharp and stuff.

Cheese, people.


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