Chicken salad with interesting stuff that I made but did not invent.

Every time I think about this blog I cry sweet and salty tears which I save to make a sweet and salty sangria to post on my blog and then I never do and then the process repeats.

I have a few archived photos/recipes to share with you, and I also took a picture of every single meal I ate on a week-long trip to Ireland, partially just to prove to myself that I could, partially for informational purposes.

Here’s a pic that describes my photo food blogging woes. A delicious and creative chicken salad from the crazy amazing talented Pioneer Woman. The only changes I made were due to the lack of celery and dill I had on hand (substituted parsley for the latter), and I certainly cannot match the qualities of her photos, but here you go, a photo just for practice and a recipe found here that you sure very well might enjoy, I know I sure did! Feta, corn and blueberries. Tastes so fresh.

Just eat it with a spoon. Bread if you must.

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