Lime Gelato slash Ice Cream


Key lime with graham cracker gelato. Recipe from Epicurious here.

“What is the difference between ice cream and gelato?” men have asked since the dawn of time when cows’ utters first spewed milk for us to enjoy. Wow, actually Wikipedia says that gelato truly is ancient, born in ancient Rome and Egypt!

Gelato has less fat (more milk, less cream), typically more egg yolks and less incorporated air than ice cream does, which makes it taste richer. If gelato is high quality stuff, you should be able to tell the difference between it and fluffier, creamier ice cream. In gelato, the flavor itself is the star rather than the creaminess.

This is the custard-portion of the recipe, egg yolks and sugar. I think this looks like a sun…

As far as the epicurious recipe I used, although it was good, it basically tasted just like all the ice cream recipes I’ve been using recently so FAIL on your part, epicurious, I’m sorry to say. But I suppose I could have incorporated more air into it than I should have, not being a professional gelato crafter. But still!

Limes!!! 8 for $2 at Santiago’s!!!! Whoa!!!

So that’s my key lime ICE CREAM, I still have a bunch left because it turns out lime doesn’t do much for me, but who can resist such a bargain? A fun project anyway. Ice cream maker. <3<3<3

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