Random Photos

For example, I asked for a microplane as a graduation present because I need to zest lemons at top speed for a number of culinary applications.
 And I thought it was hilarious for some reason to (have Adam) take photos from this angle.

It really gives you an idea of what the parasites writhing on our decrepit linoleum get to see each and every time I use this helpful tool!

Here is a fruit bowl still-life just like they did in the old days. “It looks so real!”

Whenever it’s light out I just take pictures of any food that materializes in front of me.

Here’s an example of food that food people eat in a somewhat normal day. Just to emphasize the idea that no, not every meal is so glamorous.

Just a spinach and ham on a bagel, soup, and this protein drink thing, product shout-out, this stuff is so effing good. I mean, technically I did make this soup (yes, worth the five star rating), but it was leftover, so it could be any soup, really. But with a nice camera, it looks like a nice fancy lunch or something.

Another thought that I think is important, try to think of foods as an ESSENCE rather than a static entity. What qualities does this food product have? Sweet salty chewy sweet crunchy wet mushy tangy etc etc etc??? How can these qualities be applied outside of their typical venue?

Here is another random meal I made/ate. Turkey and French Onion Laughing Cow cheese on a waffle (with an orange).

Waffles=breakfast; turkey=sandwich; Laughing cow=plain snack or with crackers. WRONG WRONG AND WRONG! Waffles=bread product; turkey=versatile and mild sliced meat; Laughing Cow cheese=cheese (easily spreadable). It was quite tasty. And yes, I did add a touch of maple syrup to make it sweet, which may not be pleasing to all palates. Just a change from turkey and swiss on wheat or something of that sort. Just to make your day 1% more interesting.

Whoa look at these freshly picked strawberries!!! Summertime, people, these berries DO taste different (better) than what you get at the store year-round. It’s worth taking the hour or so of a summer afternoon to do some picking or find out where you can get some pre-picked “native” berries near you.

Last one, ohhh aren’t you lucky you stuck around (or scrolled thoroughly), the cat we had for two weeks drinking my milk hehehehe!!!!!!!!!!

Too funny. I laughed out loud. Okay, we’re done here, thanks for stopping by!!!

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