New blogging adventure!! Take part by checkin it out!!!

In my head I always greet the internet as “hey party people.” Just give in, you know?


I actually seriously have exciting news. Starting MONDAY, I will officially be a contributing writer to Small Kitchen College, a recent off-shoot of the very unique and very well-respected cooking blog, Small Kitchen College, Big Girls, Small Kitchen. The two gals that run it have been featured in Huffington Post, the Wall Street Journal, The Kitchn (huge food deal), Boston Globe, Serious Eats (another huge food deal) and more more more. AND they just published a cookbook.

These guns are big guns. They basically invented young people food blogging, a small and burgeoning niche in the sea of food blogging mothers, who are perfect and who I love, but the Big Girls have done some pretty cool stuff.

Which is why it is a totally exciting honor and opportunity to be able to be a part of the phenomenon and just get my writing out there to the huge audience they possess and learn the skills of the trade that they INVENTED.

It’s also just an exciting personal accomplishment to have your application chosen from a pool that hypothetically could have included every single person on the internet. I have no idea how many people applied, but I feel lucky and proud of myself and thankful to people who have guided my writing and encouraged my flair.

And for the whole world to see, of course, BIG thanks (Kimmy, bring the laptop over) to Kimberly Ann’s mother Mary Jo who pointed out Big Girls, Small Kitchen to me in the first place about two long years ago!!! So crazy how these nuggets of information manifest themselves in such strange ways. It’s kind of like how I save someone’s phone number for three years for no reason and then for some obscure occasion it’s really convenient that I have it. But this has like… a bigger payoff.

So, in conclusion, you’ll probably be hearing lots more about it and can hopefully forgive my oncoming shameless self/organizational-promotion, because one of the skills of the trade they invented is shameless self-promotion. I’ll be needing to accept it into my heart. I don’t know what I’ll push out of my heart instead, maybe gossip I guess. We could all stand to enjoy gossip a little less.

Here is a photo entitled “Pensive Table Kitten.”


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