Breaking Bad viewing party food!!!

BREAKING BADDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!! Who is excited about this? I KNOW I SURE AM!!! Wow. What a great show, people.

I did not have time to put together a swagtastic Breaking Bad themed party for the PREMIERE TONIGHT AT 10PM ON AMC!!! The premiere alone is reason enough for excitement, but I thought up some cool food ideas for even more Breaking Bad fun that I’ll probably ACTUALLY enact for the finale.

Huevos Rancheros from when Jesse made them for Jane when they were first dating aww<3 and he got shell in it but he was trying his best! Man, I hope he gets his life together.

Huevos rancheros are eggs topped with black beans and salsa and I guess cheese if you want. These are the only ingredients I have for them right now: eggs and the optional cheese haha.

Burritos that Tuco fed to Walt and Jesse before he was maybe gonna kill them and they tried to poison Tuco… I don’t want to put too many spoilers or anything for those who may watch it later…

Sadly I don’t remember what was in these burritos. But you should have them at your party.

Los Pollos Hermanos!!!!

…Which doesn’t exist in real life. The ethics of supporting such an organization knowing what we know… So get some fried chicken. Most people have access to KFC. We happened to get KFC anyway.

Also a couple inspiring tweets from Aziz Ansari, who is equally excited for the occasion:
Breaking Bad viewing party update. Just got the “Heisen”-burgers off the grill. #GonnaLoseSomeFollowers #SometimesYaGottaIndulge
Breaking Bad viewing party idea: chicken burritos & only communicate w/a bell. Also snort crystal meth off a knife a la Tuco. #DontDoThat

And some sort of blue cocktail. I know UV Blue (vodka) exists, so there’s a start. Perhaps by the finale we’ll have something planned. 

Also idea from friend Dave, crush up blue freeze pops for a highly realistic cooling treat!

Enjoy, friends!!!

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5 Responses to Breaking Bad viewing party food!!!

  1. Erin says:

    Love it! Great ideas – some sort of Tequila drink would be great too (from Walts party) Watching on dvd, can’t wait to be caught up…

    • Thanks, Erin! Hahaha, yes, the tequila I forgot! Invite a 16-year-old to your party and feed them tequila til they throw up. I watched the first three seasons on DVD and am catching this one in real time. It’s cool to watch it on DVD though cause then you can just sit for hourssssssss and get so wrapped up in it. Good stuff!!

  2. Gelesia says:

    These are all great, may I also suggest….
    Blue Rock Candy
    Blue Sugar Rimmed Cocktails!

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