Culinary Feats of Ireland: Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, you can see that I did not consume very much “traditional” Irish cuisine whatsoever on the trip. We went to more upscale restaurants and fairly average ones, but I honestly didn’t notice too much corned beef and cabbage and all that we associate as Irish at any of them. Or the collection of entrails listed on the Wikipedia page.

My impression is that some of the “ideas” of the past have still held on rather than exact everyday meals. Lots of pork and fish as well as various stews. According to Wikipedia, “Irish beef is exported worldwide and renowned for its high quality.” Many many restaurant windows boasted of their 100% all totally Irish beef supply, and also we saw many many cows chilling on the hills that could account for the aforementioned beef.

It should be noted, however, that sheep far outnumber the cows. Their purpose is unclear.

I maintain that what I ate is Irish food because it is the food I ate in Ireland. I do not personally know any Irish food experts to shed their light on the topic, but this concludes my micro-study.

Thank you to the Linder family for having me along on their trip and giving me the opportunity to see the world and taste its cuisine.


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