Culinary Feats of Ireland: July 10, 2011

General culinary feat of Ireland, service is sooooo fast! All the time! I feel that we had early dinner, late dinner, early lunch, late lunch etc. so we had a pretty solid sampling, and wow, your food comes SO FAST! So it is possible, kitchens and waiters. Something I could get used to. I commend you for your service, Irish food industry!

Another full Irish breakfast somewhere I don’t remember

  • In Ireland lots of things are closed on Sunday, kind of how around here malls close at 6pm on Sundays echoing faint memories of the sabbath but I just want to go to Old Navy or something, come on….
  • This was the only thing we happened across for breakfast, it was fine and all, again, I tried to lighten up my breakfast a bit. Toffee yogurt, though. Interesting. Good.

BLT, Eddie Rocket’s, Limerick

  • Still Sunday, not too many choices, just decided to stop at this “American-style” diner (Johnny Rocket’s, yes?). Not very hungry but still ordered this big honkin BLT, so yeah, not too much to say about it.

Sweet potato fries, Eddie Rocket’s, Limerick

  • I believe they called them “fries” here and not chips in efforts to be authentically American. Not as big and chunky as most of the chips I encountered. So big and chunky is chip, slim is a fry.

Sea salt and caramel chocolate bar, Mr. Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Limerick

  • I’m a little late to hop on the sea salt on desserts boat here. I always avoided it for some reason. It didn’t sound gross or anything, but maybe out of spite for its trendiness? In reality sea salt on caramel/chocolate is so so good. Don’t be a nonconformist when it comes to chocolate bars.

Thai green curry, Hampton’s, Limerick

  • Another culinary tradition that has apparently wandered from England to Ireland is Indian/other Asian food. Yes, this was THAI not INDIAN curry, but curry was a popular offering. Indians->England->English Indians->Ireland, I suppose. also lots of kebab places. Interesting.

Lemon sorbet, Hampton’s, Limerick

  • I love this picture with Adam in the background. Swannnnnky. Lemon sorbet, what a palate cleanser. Yum.

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