Culinary Feats of Ireland: July 12-13, 2011

General culinary feat of Ireland: If you leave a moderate/substantial amount of food on your plate, they will probably ask you if everything was okay and wonder why you did not finish it. That’s the first thing they ask, rather than “do you want that wrapped?” as they do here. Besides that shining tub of leftovers that ended my last post, I did not take home ANY leftovers the whole trip because of logistical complications, and as a result left very much above average food on my plate and experienced much sadness.

Limerick Strand Hotel, Limerick

  • Irish oatmeal: very thick and more buttery than American oatmeal I’ve sampled. I like it! Brown sugar (in cubes and packets) was readily available so perhaps they put brown sugar in coffee and tea? I don’t drink coffee and do not have strict tea regulations, so I don’t know if that’s blasphemy or not.
  • Chocolate croissantsssssss!!!!!! Damn good.

Herbed chicken and stuffing sandwich, Cafe Lucia, Waterford City, County Waterford

  • I do love an establishment that makes their own salads (pasta, potato, etc.) every day and offers them on a rotating schedule. These are the little touches, people! Here is a rice and bean salad. How interesting! And some cole slaw and regular salad. That’s fine too.
  • From our small sampling, I have gathered that most “house” dressings are more mustardy than the typically Italian-style house dressings we find in the US.

Belgian chocolate brownie, Cafe Lucia, Waterford, County Waterford

  • I mean, gorgeous, no? The red berries are called coral berries as far as I can tell.
  • Ohhh just look at it. The photo speaks for itself.

Limerick Strand Hotel, Limerick

  • Ugh, still full from lunch, just a rocket (arugula) salad and some chips of course. Two tasty little bowls.

AHHHH forgot to photograph the grilled cheese and tomato sandwich I ate at the airport!! Bad bad; Back to plane food, Aer Lingus

  • I mean yeah, the gravy slosh is not too appetizing, but let’s put those prejudices aside and realize that this meal is not bad, it just has a severe case of mediocre.

Scone, Aer Lingus

  • They also had scones EVERYWHERE in Ireland, but I never got around to trying one! There were always bigger priorities for me i.e. that hunk of beautiful brownie.
  • This plane scone was GOOD, it made me sad I did not devote a snack time to a scone made on Irish soil.
  • Update, I made these scones and they are amazing. Bacon and cheddar and scone. Obviously.


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