Culinary Feats of Ireland: July 6-7, 2011

As I briefly mentioned before, I was in Ireland (Dublin, Castlebar, Limerick, many locations in between) for a week and managed to photograph NEARLY every bit of food I ingested during that time.

Not sure if this will be interesting to anyone else or not, but I’m just gonna share the photos with you with a few cross-cultural observations I made. I tried to keep them brief since I realize you probably won’t have much occasion to visit these places due to the commute.

The comments are BELOW the photos they represent. I feel like either way I do it, it looks confusing. We begin with July 6-7, which count as one day due to the time travel we underwent. Without further ado…

Complementary Worcester Sauce Flavor Nuggets, Aer Lingus

  • Airline pretzels!!! Interesting because of (a) Worcester Sauce instead of Worcestershire Sauce and (b) their claim to American flavor even though this is not what we call the sauce in America and we do not flavor snack chips with it, ever, as far as I know.
  • Bready and satisfying, much less salty than American plane snacks. A+, Aer Lingus!
Jamie Oliver something show
  • Plane entertainment haha. Actually, he used mint, lemon and parmesan to flavor a veggie lasagna and cottage cheese to make a healthier cream sauce. I will keep these ideas in mind. Also he made a couple priceless facial expressions indicating that clearly his food was awesome, he thought.

Plane food, Aer Lingus

  • Since I have never crossed the Atlantic before or flown many hours, this was my very first plane meal. Beef stew with various side. Not too bad actually, if you’re not encumbered by the notion that it’s gonna SUCK so then you think it does.
  • Also came with a tub of water, which creeped SOME people out, but I thought it tasted fine. Planes never give you enough water, I mean, it’s seven hours, I get thirsty!

Continental breakfast, Croke Park Hotel, Dublin

  • Continent of Europe=better continental breakfast than continent of North America. Brie AND blue/bleu cheese. Come on!!
  • Corn flakes with numerous toppings
  • Wheat bread=brown bread, in Ireland. These are the aforementioned cultural observations.
    Hot chocolate, Gibson’s, Dublin
  • Came with a moist and tasty little cupcake with raspberry jam and lemony frosting on top!!! BEST SURPRISE EVER, which is a pretty serious statement. 2nd best to when I found out this award I got came with a $1200 endowment thing. Pretty good surprise.
  • Had REAL solid chocolate melted in. Whaaaat a treat.  This was a very exciting beverage. Would drink again.

Ham sandwich, Gibson’s, Dublin

  • The hot chocolate was a hard act to follow, yes. Cultural observation, no cold-cut deli-type ham in Ireland, just sliced “actual” ham, as we may think of it.
  • On brown bread, of course.
  • Came in the heart arrangement pictured haha. Nice touch.

Salmon and prawn tagliatelle, Wallace’s Italian Wine Bar, Dublin

  • Prawns, wtf. Prawns and shrimp are TECHNICALLY slightly different (biologically, but they’re dead now, soooo…) but the names are usually used interchangeably. I would have ate these fine fellows after I decapitated them, but they were slightly less cooked than I was used to. But in any case, quite a rustic presentation!
  • Smoked salmon in Ireland is a millllion times better than in the US. It’s crazy flavorful. I can’t even describe what the flavor is. I suppose “smoky.” Forest fire compared to the waning cigarette of American smoked salmon.
  • Pasta tasted homemade! Certainly don’t associate pasta with Ireland, but according to my world traveler friend Hannah, you can find great Italian food across most of the European continent.

Nutella cheesecake, Wallace’s Italian Wine Bar, Dublin

  • Decided to take advantage of the increased availability of nutella/hazelnut flavored things.
  • Such lovely presentation! Yahm.

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