Culinary Feats of Ireland, July 8, 2011

In Ireland, the full Irish breakfast is a THING, like a term. I feel like we don’t have anything analogous to it here. I guess it demonstrates a national value of eating a good, hearty breakfast. Your run of the mill full Irish breakfast includes: fried eggs, sausage, bacon, hash brown/homefries, seasoned tomatoes, baked beans, black and white pudding (which are both types of sausage hybrids that I’m ashamed I couldn’t bring myself to try) and toast.

FULL IRISH BREAKFAST, Croke Park Hotel, Dublin

  • Irish bacon is kind of like a cross between American bacon and Canadian bacon, as you can kind of tell in the picture. Certainly a salty product. I don’t think I could eat it every day for breakfast.
  • Nutella and raspberry jam go very well together.
  • What is the tartest drink you can imagine? Cranberry juice mixed with grapefruit juice. Yes.

Fish pie, Sola Bia, Navan, County Meath

  • Like chicken pot pie, but fish! Mashed potato roof topped with gruyere. Yum. Stayed warm for a very long time. Good quality in a comfort food. Very well-seasoned. Good quality in any food.
  • Little new potatoes seemed to be a popular side dish.

Rocky Road, Sola Bia, Navan, County Meath

  • Gah, this thing was so good. Cross between smores and rocky road fudge. They used “biscuit” instead of graham cracker as we are used to with our marshmallow and chocolate, and I have to say I prefer it, it’s denser and milder.
  • And it just looked pretty too.

Mint Milkshake, Donolla’s Fish Shop, Castlebar, County Mayo

  • Probably a little too green for our natural food friends, but this very sweet little shake went quite well with a salty meal of fish and chips.

Fish and chips, Danolla’s Fish Shop, Castlebar, County Mayo

  • Fish and chips, a shared classic between Ireland and the English folks. All political history aside, at least we have fish and chips to share.
  • Quite proud (but rightfully so) that they batter the fish in-house! Quality stuff, it was like a full sheet of FRY that you could kind of rip off in chunks.
  • Cod is the fish. Sustainable fishing is something I hear about but have yet to care about, sorry fishlings. I heard on the radio that today we eat fish our great-grandparents would have considered “trash fish.” This fish was pretty good regardless.

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