Culinary Feats of Ireland: July 9, 2011

According to this article that I read shortly before our trip, after the potato famine, many Irish people were ashamed of their old eating habits and said “oh, you know who has RESPECTABLE FOOD? The French.” so then they copied their food instead to pretend that something terrible had never happened to them.

And yes indeedy I was surprised to find that croissants and quiche were served EVERYWHERE, like at every little coffee shop. In the US croissants are decently popular of course, but quiche! How wonderful! Not having pride in your own culture, not as wonderful, but I do like quiche…

Pretty sad breakfast, Breaffy House hotel, Castlebar, County Mayo

  • Are those cocoa krispies? Yeah, they are. I bare my soul to the world. I found myself unable to eat a “full” and rather heavy Irish breakfast every morning and opted for the dry breakfast items instead to keep my food consumption at least a little in-check.
  • Breaffy House, your breakfast is terrible and stale and old and somehow even the cranberry juice was bad? And I’m not picky. This is a beautiful old castle made into a hotel “resort” so they DUPE you into staying there even though they have no air conditioning, terrible food, charge you for everything, and don’t even give you free lotion. Breaffy House, ante up.

FRESH MINT TEA WITH HONEY AND LEMON, The Pantry and Corkscrew Cafe and Restaurant, Westport, County Mayo

  • Whoa, what a fun and amazing beverage. Just a pile of mint leaves in hot water for you to stir and mush and sweeten and lemon. A FRESH idea and very FRESH tasting. As you can tell, I was very smitten with this and may try it at home. So simple.

Goat cheese and red onion quiche, The Pantry and Corkscrew Cafe and Restaurant, Westport, County Mayo

  • As I was saying, quiche. I occasionally make quiche at home but it’s kind of cool to have it as a meal choice at your disposal. Eggs not necessarily for breakfast.
  • Lots of goat cheese. Taste the tang. Goat cheese was a common addition to many dishes I encountered in Ireland.

Chicken Philadelphia, John J. O’Malley’s Pub, Westport, County Mayo

  • Chicken with cream cheese, salmon, chives and mushroom sauce. Lovely presentation and very good flavor combo!

Bailey’s hot chocolate, hot fudge sundae, John J. O’Malley’s Pub, Westport, County Mayo

  • Both kind of eh. Kind of a non-issue here and now. Dinner was great though.

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