Food that lives in the fridge forever. Why? Debate.

By my estimate, today is the 1.111987342 year anniversary of my happy co-habitation with Adam Linder, singer/songwriter of the band Sister City, giving away their album FOR FREE RIGHT HERE.

AND, today is the 1.00000000001 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this heaven-forsaken, slippery when wet jar of pickles inhabiting our refrigerator. This is the first fresh air they’ve gotten in equally as long.

Pickles, I do not like. Voluntarily consuming these salty, sour, briny abominations is an act that I do not treat with as much compassion.

Pickles are cool, fresh cucumber Pharaohs embalmed in this morbid green fluid and sealed off by an INTENTIONALLY difficult to remove indented metal lid because these cucumbers have moved on to the afterlife. They are not meant to be disturbed. You will probably go to hell if you disturb them. I would not rob this grave.

As you can see, I do not partake in these pickles. Adam Linder, singer/songwriter of the band Sister City, giving away their album FOR FREE RIGHT HERE, partook in these pickles about twice a week for about one week.

This jar of pickles, as you can also see, expired sometime in the month of December.  But the one year is the killer here. Even as much as I simply do not care for pickles and am usually an active participant in fridge organization, here they remain!!! Will I throw them out after writing this post? Honestly I feel it’s only a “maybe.”

Why do we do this, friends?? Is it just laziness or are there other factors? Emotional? Fiscal? NO ONE IS EATING THESE PICKLES, IT’S SO CLEAR! I want to hear all 12 of your opinions. 12 people with one opinion each. But I welcome a multi (12)-faceted opinion, of course. Go.

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