Urban Garden: Hilarious Harvest

Okay… I grew a daisy that shot water in my face and then slipped on a banana peel!! Hilarious!!!

Great news! I have just reminded myself of the Spongebob episode where Squidward gets annoyed at Spongebob’s laugh so he tells him he can’t laugh for a whole day or else he will permanently damage his “laugh box.” But on the way home Spongebob sees all the funniest things ever like whoopy cushions AND pies to the face!!! See 3:52-5:07.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh lord, that seriously does make me laugh though. I learned how to embed videos using Vodpod for that. I signed up for an account, for goodness’ sake…

But no, I planted a few seedlings back in May. Two tomatoes, one pepper and one eggplant. Here is their baby picture:

And I have waited so darn patiently for them to grow grow grow in a far less than optimal setting. This is where I park my car with its plain blue license plate:

This is where I grow my garden:

Gardening philosophy: trial and error. Next time: bigger tub. Oh well. So far I have one burgeoning eggplant, seen here on the right:

And five, count ’em five, schmidgey tomatoes and their prematurely fallen green friend. Here they are resting in their harvest basket.

Now, these are Rutger tomatoes, which clearly meant “normal tomatoes” to my simple mind, and in this photo of them on brigherblooms.com plant website, it appears they basically are?

On the smaller side, but mine appeared in color and mushiness to be ripe in their minuscule state!! It’s almost as if I don’t know anything about gardening…

This is one next to a “normal” sized vegetable such as this onion:

So anyway I just thought the size and quantity was funny when applied to the word and notion of “harvest.” Comically small, LIKE YOUR DICK!!!! Guffaw. Some people will probably find that unnecessary but that’s called to each their own.

I will add these current goods to this recipe for green beans from twopeasandtheirpod.com and hopefully enjoy them a whole, whole lot as this poor fella attempts to ripen so lonely on the windowsill cruelly fated to watch the world pass him by.


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One Response to Urban Garden: Hilarious Harvest

  1. kimandjenna says:

    That first picture of the poor little green tomato is so cute! For some reason it reminds me of the boy on the cover of le petit prince…

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