Popcorn Chicken: Nice. Walter White: Usually mean.

This week’s four-person Breaking Bad viewing party actually did include food, but not really anything Breaking Bad related, barring popcorn chicken THAT VERY WELL COULD HAVE BEEN from Los Pollos Hermanos, but I made it myself. So by process of elimination, we can see that it was probably not from Los Pollos Hermanos. We can see that Walter White is mean by the way he treats Jesse and Skylar and everyone he meets. WHY, Walter White, WHY?!!!

Popcorn chicken is a project. Aka a time-consuming mess. Worth it? Yes, I believe so.

Here are the two Food Network Southern cook-approved chicken-frying methods I’ve tried:
Sunny Anderson’s fried chicken:

  • She brines it (soaks overnight in salty liquid), which does make it juicy, but if you’re concerned about salt, take it down a notch. Do not brine for boneless chicken frying.
  • Uses CORN STARCH and flour for the batter. She says this is her #1 secret for crispy chicken and YES IT’S TRUE.
  • Batter=flour mixture+eggs. This method is way messy and can take up more eggs than advertised BUT it creates a thick coating that STICKS to the chicken. The most foolproof way to make sure it sticks is go flour, egg, flour mixture, but egg then flour mixture works too.
  • Says to let chicken sit 10 minutes w/ batter on before frying so it sticks. Good precaution.
  • Could use more seasoning. Grind that pepper mill til your arthritis acts up.

 Neely’s SPICY fried chicken:

  • Marinates in seasoned buttermilk. I did this overnight. Seasons and moistens it well. Could taste the hot sauce in the final product.
  • Take chicken out of buttermilk, put directly in flour (no egg adhesive). I found that the coating slid right off all my pieces if you took a bite or cut it. Not much of a hassle for me, but if that irks you then buttermilk may not be the way to go.
  • No cornstarch. This coating was noticeably less crispy. It was more soft and bready. Just a different experience.
  • If you’ll notice in the comments on the recipe, there’s a big old argument as to whether or not these Neelys have created SPICY fried chicken or just REGULAR. My two cents: VERY well-seasoned, so thumbs up. Has a kick but will not burn your tongue by any means. I suppose some people like to feel alive by having their tongue burned by spicy foods.
JEN’S BEST #1 TASTY FRIED CHICKEN EVER: God, I wish I was from the south. They have fried foods AND bbq. New England has lobster that you dip in BUTTER and that’s it. The art of dipping lobster in butter I MEAN COME ON!!!
  • Use the Neely’s recipe but use 2 cups flour and 1 cup cornstarch (which I MEANT to do but forgot!!). I used 5lbs of boneless, skinless chicken breast and doubled the recipe, cooked the chunks for about 4 minutes in 350 degree Canola oil, which works just fine for frying.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Cooked as evenly as I could manage, took about an hour of JUST dredging and frying, so plan for that if you’re gonna go for it. I did this earlier in the day then warmed up the chicken later for esteemed guests so I wouldn’t be all frantic during their arrival.

Other contents of winner winner chicken dinner:

Blanched green beans with sauteed garlic, red onion, lemon juice, feta and the tomatoes present in my last post. Recipe mostly from here.

PEACHESSSS oh man these were so good. Simmer some white wine (about a cup) and some sugar (1/4 cup) until it reduces to a syrupy consistency of your choosing. Coat peach slices in lemon juice and pour sauce/glaze over them TOOOO GOOOOODDDD.

Summertime corn, just butter, salt, pepper. Just yum. Did I make those two purple/blue/gray bowls in ceramic class? YEAH, thanks for asking! Lump city…

I had an obsessive need for the meal to be color balanced. I ached for the green. Oh, there was also oven-baked fries, recipe here that everyone enjoyed even more than I thought they would, actually. Makes boys smile! haha.

Whaaaat, homemade fudgesicles??!! Thanks Smitten Kitchen! So rich and fudgey, worlds away from their store-bought IMPOSTERS! Yeah, I painted this plate when I was 12…

And this concludes nice popcorn chicken winner winner chicken dinner Walter White needs to treat people with more respect post. GET AT ME if you want to discuss the show. Will the car wash work out? Will Gus ever raise his voice? Will Jesse commit suicide (sometimes I just feel like he SHOULD, his life is so shitty)? I HAVE SO MUCH TO SPECULATE!!!!


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