Tuesday Morning, let’s get it started

People are big bitchers and always want it to be the weekend NOW. First World Problems is a trending notion across the internet and a term that describes this petulant whining. See this below:

The earliest “long week/the weekend can’t come soon enough” post I’ve encountered on Facebook was posted on a Tuesday morning. I come to you to give Tuesday morning its fair share of recognition and joy.

I happened to have an awesome weekend this past weekend, which is in fact closer to us than the coming one on this very Tuesday morning we are experiencing right now. Just really exciting and wanted to share it. Basically my version of a “things I like” type list that some people do. I’ll be taggin’ things like Banksy up in here, which is a phrase I thought of that I think is hilarious and feel like has to have been done before… I bolded it so people can either be like “haha” or just shaking their sad heads.

In chronological order:

1. Won a giveaway of two pints of Talenti Gelato and a classy set of bowls from Order in the Kitchen. I always enter cooking blog giveaways because who doesn’t like free stuff that they’re interested in, but this was the first one I won YAY!!! Thanks to Lynn from Order in the Kitchen, a law-themed cooking blog, a cute idea and the only one of its kind, as far as I know!

2. First post up on Small Kitchen College, my new blogging gig where myself and other college students tell OTHER college students (like you??) how they can improve their culinary situations and make them fun. People read this thing so it’s exciting to be a part of.

3. Won a giveaway of a Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer from 2 Wired 2 Tired. CRAZY, winning two things in two days!!! Okay, I have excitedly told people about this and they don’t seem to understand. This is a big deal. A Kitchen-Aid stand mixer is like the top-tier of foodie giveaways. It’s the #1 essential kitchen tool there is and costs about $300. Ya dig? Thanks to Tesa from 2 Wired 2 Tired, a mother of two who does a little bit of just about everything.

4. Ordered tickets for Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival in September. Best event ever of the year ever. In Brooklyn. This is where fun things live, but this is the only time we take the 4 hour trip to enjoy them. Featuring such hilarity as a couple of the comics seen here pranking babies.

5. Ate at the Citizen with $50 gift card I purchased for $25: I love the aesthetic of this place. It’s old-timey and focuses on cheese. Discounts=exciting too.

Mac and cheese, pretzel-breaded chicken. Chicken overcooked, in full disclosure, but hey…

THE BESSSST croque madame (ham, cheese, egg w/ cheese sauce) on grilled brioche. This was Adam’s but I was lucky enough to sample.

“Chef’s creation” burger. Was pleased that it truly was a CREATION: muenster, Alabama-style bbq (mayo based), red onion and lettuce. Also, great fries.

Chocolate sampling. Was so full but refused to leave any chocolate…

Bill came out to $49.22. $50 gift card. HECK YES, we are awesome.

6. Peach and blueberry picking at Tougas Farms, mini-golf and ice cream at Trombetta’s Farm and shopping at OCEAN STATE JOB LOT (more discounts) (yes, yes and yes.)

7. Crepes with ricotta, peaches and plums. Based on recipe from Smitten Kitchen. Super yum.

8. Finally saw Blink-182 live after all these years. I won’t even link you to anything, where would I begin? A staple of my youth. These three grown men are past their prime, yes, but it was nice to see songs from the various periods of their growth, which corresponded to the various points of growth in my life. Bucket list type of thing.

Then got home at 1AM, went to bed, woke up at 8:30AM, went to work blah blah blah, and here we are on Tuesday morning. NOT complaining. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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