Better late than never post for Peanut-Butter-Pie-Makers

Okay, I want to do things but then I don’t do them til almost a week later. And yesterday I posted how awesome my weekend was and felt guilty. Begin post:

I’ve been thinking a lot about internet communication lately, being new on the twitter scene and everything, and you know, at first “I’ll follow you so you’ll follow me” seems insincere and like using people, but a more positive way to look at it is simply a win-win situation. What you do can be surprisingly valuable to other people, and what they do can be surprisingly valuable to you.

This weekend the food blogging community showed an AMAZING display of wide-reaching care for a fellow food blogger in a time of need. The response chocked up one HUGE point for those who argue that that our increasingly virtual world does not erode our emotions and distance us from other humans but rather allows us to emotionally connect with more people to whom we have only access through technology.

On Friday, Jennifer Perillo of the food blog In Jennie’s Kitchen shared that her husband Mikey had passed away suddenly of a heart attack. She had been meaning to make his favorite peanut butter pie for him and requested that everyone make a peanut butter pie for someone they love keeping in mind that you never know if they might not be there tomorrow.

180 —ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY— people, according to this list compiled by Food Network, did exactly that. Some met Jennie in person, some were twitter friends and some were her readers. I personally had never even heard of her blog before Friday, but through the internet I can now express my sympathy for her and her children, as have hundreds and hundreds of others who feel this genuine sorrow and support for her.

And although this post sends out condolences to the Perillo family, I also wanted to highlight some hope in that hey, people aren’t all bad (in case you were feeling cynical), and the internet can be used for good, more good than you could accomplish on your own without social networking. You can be kind and positive to more people. These humans filtered through internet probably made Jennie feel a tiny bit better during a time when she was (and still is) feeling worse than I can imagine.

So basically, I don’t mean to be like “go internet” but I mean to be like “go people,” “thanks internet” and “Jennie, I wish there was something else I could do besides say (five days later) I’m sorry for your loss.” But I made surprise muffins for my boyfriend this morning, so hopefully that’s good enough.


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