Recipes I’ve Made One Million Times

This is like an “editor’s picks” thing because I am the editor of the Deep Fried Establishment and preside over a large staff of contributing writers, design people and stupid ass copy editors…

There are many recipes I’ve made that reach the eight or nine hundred thousand times mark, but very few that I have LITERALLY made a total of 1,000,000 times. So considering that each recipe PROBABLY costs more than $1 to make, I’ve spent more than $6 million making the recipes noted in this post. I live fast.

These qualify as my FAVORITE recipes. I. Love them. To me they are so perfect, but maybe they won’t be your favorites because you don’t have the same exact tastes as me so that’s fine, but maybe you do.

I thought I’d share them with you because in any case I have grown to trust them, which should show that they are reliable and don’t have any huge faults or else I would have encountered them at least once. In no particular order:

Giada De Laurentiis Creamy Red Pepper Soup

This soup tastes creamy as the name states but yet NO CREAM!! Pretty low-fat compared to soups that actually have cream in them. Very simple soup. Basically roasted red peppers, salt, pepper and a small bit of thyme. All it needs! Add a dollop of cream cheese and some crunchy bread, the combination is beyond perfect.

101 Cookbooks Coconut Lentil Soup

This soup is so warm and flavorful. You feel like your whole body is warm in a variety of ways: mentally, physically, emotionally… I just use regular lentils, not red lentils and split peas and it works fine. A filling soup that can definitely function as your entire lunch or dinner. I freeze it in tupperware so I can enjoy anytime!

Chocolate Cake from

As seen in the post “Dayum good chocolate cake.” And I meant it. My go-to cake. Make it the next time you have a craving.

Big Girls Small Kitchen Peanut Sauce

This is just a great sauce to keep in the fridge and throw on some linguine. Or legitimate Asian noodles like soba noodles. Mix all those Thai flavors all together in one sitting then just use as needed. Much easier than getting out the ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil etc. every time you’re like “well, I feel like something different than spaghetti and marinara tonight.” You can also try their meatball recipe, but for me just the sauce on pasta does the job.

101 Cookbooks Coconut Chocolate Pudding

This is kind of like eating ganache or some other insanely rich and chocolately concoction with a spoon. It’s just so thick. I can’t even describe. You will want to let this sit in your mouth for many moments before you swallow it away and continue living your life. It’s made with coconut milk so it has a subtle coconut flavor but not like BLAMO. I use lite and its still amazing. You can also use regular milk. I also use cornstarch instead of arrowroot powder. If you’re like “Yeah, Jello pudding, I fux wid that” you should try this recipe at least ONCE.

Smitten Kitchen Chocolate Orange Bread

Chocolate and orange isn’t necessarily the the most popular pairing around these parts, but I happen to like it. You’ll notice I’ve represented both colors in the photo above. I think you should give it its fair chance. This isn’t like a chocolate muffin where it’s basically like chocolate cake for breakfast. We got dayum good chocolate cake for that. This is a yeast bread so the texture is like BREAD and the taste is like bread with a touch of cocoa and orange. But it’s pretty low-maintenance as far as yeast breads go, so don’t be intimidated. A much more interesting thing to eat than regular toast in the morning!

To conclude, these are the things I make over and over and never get tired of. Three out of six of them are prepared in my house right now. Thanks for stopping by.


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2 Responses to Recipes I’ve Made One Million Times

  1. I totally agree on Heidi’s coconut lentil soup!!! I have made it dozens of times and shared the recipe with friends, everyone loves it! 🙂

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