Deep Fried Dictionary: Granita

Granita: Icy dessert; Sicilian, Italian

Little did you know, during the Italian ice summers of your youth you were PRACTICALLY taking part in a granita already. It’s a frozen dessert made with water, sugar and usually a fruit flavor but sometimes almond, coffee, etc.

It’s usually frozen more solid than common “Italian ice” or sorbet, although it’s similar to both. Some recipes I’ve seen freeze it til it’s really hard then scrape it off into icy shreds, as I would describe them. I don’t know why you’d prefer this over a nice, smooth sorbet or something of that nature, but maybe you REALLY like popsicles and have always wanted to eat them with a spoon. Not to trivialize the art. I just love my ice cream/sorbet maker.

Recipe to try: Fresh Berry Granita from Annie’s Eats I love this blog a lot, check out her recipe archive while you’re there

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