Deep Fried Dictionary: Souffle

Soufflé: Fluffy main course or dessert; French

Yeah, it’s those fluffy things that have come to represent inaccessible cooking. I have only made mini-soufflés in ramekins, so I can’t say how difficult or not difficult it is to make a giant soufflé in a casserole dish and have it not collapse.

So, what happens is, egg whites get fluffy when you beat them for a long time, for example the top of a lemon meringue pie. You mix the corresponding egg yolks with other common pastry ingredients to make a thick custard, then you gently mix in the egg whites and the whole thing puffs up in the oven.

They fall after about 10 minutes outside the oven, so you pretty much have to eat them right then and there. They can be savory or sweet, so for dinner or dessert, but in America soufflés for dinner are highly uncommon, and dessert soufflés actually aren’t that common either. Just on TV when people need to fail at impressing their mother-in-law

Recipe to try: Giada DeLaurentiis Gianduja (hazelnut) Souffle This souffle is AMAZING, I ate three in one sitting ugh. Also has a non-intimidating ingredient list.

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