Deep Fried Dictionary: Tempura

Tempura: Battering technique; Japanese

A dish on the menu at most Asian (not just Japanese) restaurants, usually listed as an appetizer. Tempura is fried seafood or vegetables, usually shrimp tempura or just “vegetable” tempura. Honestly I have never had tempura, I go for eggrolls or crab rangoon when I want fried goodness.

The batter they use is very light and crispy, think like a large, puffier variety of cheese puff compared to regular Cheetos. Tempura is the first one and the batter you usually see on chicken tenders and what not is the second one. I bet some tempura purist out there is, like, fuming at the analogy I just made. It’s a comparison in texture only not like, cheese powder…

In any case, this is a good choice for a picky eater who is unwillingly being taken to an Asian restaurant. It’s just crispy veges or shrimp with sauce on the side.

Recipe to try: Tempura-Fried Vegetables from The Kitchn Very detailed instructions applicable to vegetables of your choice

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