Awesome Baked Potato Topper

Baked potato topped with Trader Joe’s Spinach, Fontina Garlic Chicken Sausage (that’s exactly what it’s called, write it on your list), caramelized onions and asiago cheese.

This sausage comes fully cooked and is in the refrigerator section. They have comparable products at other major supermarkets as well, garlic parmesan chicken sausage and the like.

1. Bake your potato as usual. My toaster oven has a special setting because someone thought of me and my needs as the consumer. Usually it takes about an hour at 400F, so do plan ahead.

2. Caramelize some onion, a whole one or half. Either do this ahead of time or put it on low heat while your potato bakes and do other things, stirring every 5-10 mins. Don’t stand there the whole time, you’ll look STUPID haha. It will get so boring and annoying is what I mostly mean. I like to watch TV on my laptop in the kitchen and get up to stir periodically.

3. Slice your sausage, a whole one or half, and shred some asiago cheese, YES USE ASIAGO, if not then parmesan or mozz I guess, guh-rumble… I found asiago at a pretty good price also at Trader Joe’s.

4. When potato is fully cooked, fluff it open and put the sausage (fresh from the fridge), onions and cheese on top. Cheese on tippy top. Bake or broil for a few more minutes until the cheese is melted, which should be about the same amount of time to warm the sausage.

This is an awesome baked potato topper. I cry when I think about it. Adam Linder cries from the other room whenever I slice and/or saute onions. What a trooper for not imposing an onion cooking curfew in our household. Lucky stars, consider yourselves thanked.


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