Deep Fried Dictionary: Capers

Capers: plant buds with olive-type uses; Mediterranean 

Actually the unripened bud of a plant, capers are a little green friend that is pickled, and therefore sold in these jars. They are used in Italian and Mediterranean cooking seein’ as that’s where they grow. Pastas, sometimes salads.

They basically taste like olives and are often used to add a salty bite. As I’m rather uninterested in olives and also pickled things, I don’t have much else to say about capers, sorry my little monsters, oh wait, only Lady Gaga is allowed to say that. I wonder if it’s worse these days to say you’re bigger than Jesus or you’re bigger than Lady Gaga.

Availability: All major supermarkets in the Italian food aisle near olives, pickled peppers etc.

Recipe to try: Chicken Marbella from Baked Bree If I DID like capers and olives, I would try this recipe. Looks quite flavorful!

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