Deep Fried Dictionary: Frittata

Frittata: Multi-person omelet; Italian

Frittatas are fluffier and thicker than omelets and always include at least one kind of meat or veggie, varieties of which are pretty much the same as omelets. They’re also like quiche, but quiche includes lots of milk/cream and frittatas include little or none. Quiche also has crusts usually and frittatas do not.

They can be cooked stovetop in a skillet or baked (also in a skillet or baking dish). They’re bigger like a pie and are cut into slices rather than served all to one person, unless you can single-handedly empty the contents of one pie dish, which would certainly not be unheard of…

Recipe to try: Frittata Squares from The Kitchn This recipe is a base for any frittata you could ever imagine and substitutes a baking dish for a skillet

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