Deep Fried Dictionary: Risotto

Risotto: Creamy rice dish; Italian

…means rice. Technically it refers to a certain preparation of rice, cooking in broth til creamy (without cream, whoa!), but some people use it to refer to the rice itself, which is typically Arborio rice in the US.

The most well-known version, Risotto Milanese, has parmesan and saffron, but obviously since it’s rice there are endless options. In Italy this is the shit when it comes to rice. Otherwise, pasta all the way.

Availability: Available everywhere with the rest of the rice! Make sure you’re looking for “Arborio” not “Risotto” on the label. The brand pictured is the one I’ve seen most commonly.

Recipe to try: Tomato Basil Risotto from Our Life in the Kitchen Saffron isn’t quite a pantry staple in the US, so although it’s classic I strayed from it here. This recipe has minimal ingredients, maximum risotto-making experience!

Bonus recipe to try: Risotto Rice Pudding from Joy the Baker A dessert risotto! Been on my to-do list FOREVER, but I haven’t done it yet because rice doesn’t spoil but the fruits of summer do!

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