Deep Fried Dictionary: TVP

Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP): Dry, soy-based ground meat substitute

Basically that’s all there is to it. It’s made of soy and comes in dry flakes, kind of like cereal or something. You pour a hot liquid over it, it absorbs the moisture, and turns into soft, ground meat-like particles.

It has no flavor, so it tastes like whatever you put on it. Low fat, high protein, cheap compared to meat and does not spoil like meat would. Some people mix it in with ground meat to incorporate that real meat taste but reduce costs and increase health, while others obviously they use it because they don’t eat meat at all!

Availability: Most major supermarkets where they stock other Bob’s Red Mill products, which is usually the baking aisle. There are other brands of TVP, but this is just a common one.

Recipe to try: TVP Shepherd’s Pie from Bob’s Red Mill Like I said, just a basic recipe that would usually use ground meat.

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