Deep Fried Dictionary: Edamame

Edamame: Pronounced eh-duh-mah-may; Soybeans; Japanese

These are soybeans left in their pod and boiled so they basically look like little snow pea or snap pea pods, to which they are in fact very similar. They are used in the same way. Soybeans, plain and simple. Crunchy and fresh, many times just eaten as is as a protein and fiber-rich vegetable munchie but can be mixed into a variety of dishes just like your average bean or pea. To clarify, they taste fresh but are oftentimes found in the freezer section with other frozen veges.

Availability: Gonna give this one a “maybe” for major supermarkets since edamame are becoming more and more popular. Yes at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s in the freezer section or Asian supermarkets.

Recipe to try: Ginger Edamame Soybean Soup from White on Rice Couple In the post they say soybeans AND/OR edamame, see how that works? A dish that uses edamame in a unique way and is like POW, flavor and POW, fiber!

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