Deep Fried Dictionary: Pancetta

Pancetta: Italian version of bacon; Italian

The “c” in pancetta makes the “ch” sound, as the “cc” often does in Italian. Pancetta is Italian bacon. It is salted and cured, while American bacon is usually smoked in addition to that. Canadian bacon—wtf!!! Just kidding. What you see in the picture is pancetta from the deli counter before it’s sliced. They usually slice it a little thinner than you would usually see bacon, and they come out round, not rectangular, as you could probably infer. Also it is usually seasoned with a variety of spices, while bacon is just salt. Use it instead of bacon for a little flair on pizza, pasta or something of that nature. POW impress your friends…

Availability: Haven’t really seen it at the major supermarket chains, but Italian meat shops would obviously stock it as would most specialized butchers or meat markets. They do also have it at Whole Foods, as pictured above.

Recipe to try: Penne with Acorn Squash and Pancetta from The Kitchn I think this looks amazing. Could you use bacon in this recipe instead? Yes, of course! Or sausage, as it suggests. When it really comes down to it (gun to your head…), meat substitutions are nearly infinite!

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