Deep Fried Small Kitchen College Posts

Made a promise to the WORLD but mostly myself that I’d put up new dictionary words every Tuesday and Thursday. I’ve got shism to do and am too tired to generate new information right now, so instead I’ll share with you a recap of what I’ve been up to at Small Kitchen College, an online college that is not a scam.

Just kidding in case anyone thought I’m enrolled in online culinary school and was excited for me. Don’t worry though, it’s still exciting. For reals it’s a website for college kids (girls AND boys!) to expand their FOOD horizons within the confines of their dorm rooms or small apartments. See also Big Girls, Small Kitchen for the same idea run by the same gals that focuses on life as a food-loving twenty-something.

I’ve been a contributing writer since August and am quite enjoying it as it’s exactly what I would like to be doing! I also share and appreciate their power to the people mentality. Here’s my “clips” so far. A couple of these are for past (but yearly!) events:

1. Weekend Agenda: Getting Swanky at Worcester Restaurant Week

My special time at Bocado during Restaurant Week when it was an affordable option. So good! So expensive… That’s why you should follow the advice contained in my post about taking advantage of Restaurant Week when you can!

2. Table for Two: Staying Sane with a Super-Picky Significant Other

THIS GUY! I shamed him all over the internet. For real he tries EVERYTHING though, which I appreciate greatly. This post felt vindicating because now people know the hard life I lead and how well I lead it. Self-importance, you look so bad but feel so good.

3. Distinctive Dishware and More: Stay Thrifty, Hipster

Yeah I was pretty cracked up by the intro I wrote. Oh boy. 90-pound boyfriend! Ha! They’re all skinny! It’s true! Mmmm…. I also am proud of this photo I took of these bowls that I got at Savers and the fact that I found these bowls and purchased them. You guys are great, bowls. Keep up the good work. You too, Phish Food.

4. Weekend Agenda: A Special Food-Themed Comedy Event For You

I am loving this promo photo that photographer Brian Tamborello took of this annoyed terrier wearing a Eugene Mirman t-shirt. Gonna do a write-up (the longer I wait, the further in the past events get, the dumber I feel…) of the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival, of which this was a portion. It was some good times though, don’t forget to click on the links in the post for some funny vids for y’all!

Another written promise to myself, I will collect some personal highlights from the site (things I like, not things I wrote) to share with you in the future. Lots of good little tips to be picked up by whoever would like them!


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