Deep Fried UPDATE for flying “f” givers

Temporary hiatus for temporary full-time work opportunity at Tougas Family Farm in Marlborough MA. Was a frequent visitor to this oasis of pick-your-own everything, fruity baked goods and beverages, saw a help wanted sign, full-time employee moved to Florida and blamo, here I am with full-time employment for apple season. Also, their facebook page is amazing. Small business owners TAKE NOTE. This is how you inform people.

Kind of like I have the illusion that TV shows are filmed (or voices for cartoons are recorded) in order with everyone all happy and together and loving their work, I have the illusion that all 20 per day readers of my blog are happy and together and loving to keep up with ME and all the thoughts I have.

Having ignored this blog for two weeks or so and seeing that 20 or so people per day still visit it (or 10 people reading 2 pages each etc.), I think “wow, I have a minor following.” No, people just google random shit and this comes up, many times because of the phrase “deep fried.”

So, I was like, “I better update this dedicated single, or low double, digit number of folks, wondering where their 1-3 time a week dosage of playful food commentary has run off to.”

But the truth is, Googlers will still be enjoying or feeling indifferent to my old posts even if I DELETED MY TWITTER ACCOUNT or something crazy. Just an internet lesson I’ve been thinking about. So here’s a post for me and for you if you follow me on twitter, know me in real life, or, my dream, subscribe to me on Google reader or something.

Another note to self and whoever else I feel I need to prove my love of chocolate and desserts for: I get awesome free food at Tougas such as their famous cider donuts. The kitchen also churns out MANY apple crisps per day, so it always smells like delicious baking apple crisp and apple cinnamon everything.

HOWEVER, I will tell you the most glorious smell that ever meandered through my nostrils was the wafting of none other than chocolate chip cookies, which they bake far less often. So I would rather smell chocolate chip cookies once a week than FRESHLY PICKED apples in their many baked incarnations every single day so TAKE THAT!!! I’m hard FREAKING core cooking loving.

Lastly, shout out to Bliss Bros. Dairy in Attleboro MA whose ice cream we sell. I don’t know what it is but I LOVE THAT STUFF. That chocolate ice cream is just AMAZING.

Just gettin’ it out, gettin’ it out, people, my thoughts and the word about this farm that is great if you love fruit and/or have small children and/or have small children AND are pregnant. A bulk of our customers are the latter-most. Also they have kettle corn on the weekends. Score. Open til end of October or slightly later.

500 words here, people. Usually, I take pride in the amount of information I can contain within 500 words. Tight like spandex up in here and (more so) in every publication to which I’ve lent my skill set. Today, just gettin’ some stuff out. Today’s photo is one I took at Tougas Farm when I was but a patron. Mature raspberry and its young friends in the sunshine. Eventual location of seeds: in my teeth.

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