Special Wingsite Displays Holiday Event!!!

This post thrusts itself to and from the past, present and futuuuuure…..

Today, December 15, 2011, I am lucky enough to be part of an event at Wingsite Displays, a company that designs and builds exhibits/displays for various venues and occasions, most notably for regular folk, all the Christmas stuff at the mall! The mall you go to when you live in Wethersfield, CT, which is where the company is located and the closest you will ever get to knowing EXACTLY where I am in real time via the internet as I do not believe that FourSquare would benefit my life. In any way, shape or form. By any means. Ever.

The event highlights young creative talent in a number of fields in a mix and mingle setting. Perhaps my mother tipped them off of my age and creativity as she is employed at Wingsite, just to keep full disclosure on the table.

Other attendees all have varying stakes in the arts and also in the professional business world, so it’s a cool chance for guests/featured young people to broaden horizons. It’s the first time Wingsite is trying out this unique concept, so I’m excited to see how it will turn out slash how it’s going RIGHT NOW! WHAT DO YOU THINK????

There’s also gonna be food from Carbone’s, an Italian restaurant in Hartford, which is gonna be swanktacular.

So since there’s already gonna be food, and people eating MY food doesn’t really get to the heart of the matter anyway, I took a look at the menu and found ELEVEN whole opportunities for Deep Fried Dictionary entries!! All this Italian goodness swirling around in this unfamiliar language, i.e. Italian, with a couple general items tossed in there. For newcomers, this is one of my regular features on the site that brings power to the people.

In alphabetical order but also in order of my favorite first, then a 10-way tie for second place. So excited to have arancini, spoiler alert, FRIED BALLS OF RICE AND CHEESE. BAM. Dig innnn!!!

Broccoli Rabe

Thanks, Steve and Terry, for this fantastic opportunity! Got the camera with me, so hopefully the future of this post will have a visual element. Thank you to everyone who is reading this off of my “big screen.”


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2 Responses to Special Wingsite Displays Holiday Event!!!

  1. JoAnne says:

    Hi Jen,
    This is JoAnne, from Wingsite. Sorry I did not get to chat with you at the party. Just wanted to say I love your site. I think it is going to help me….as I need need need help in the kitchen.
    You remind me of a Andy Rooney about food! Keep it up.
    Thanks for joining us on Friday.

    • Hey JoAnne, thanks so much! Maybe when Isla gets older you can learn how to cook together haha. I’ve only seen Andy Rooney’s segment a couple times, but I get the gist. I’ll try not to be too cranky though!

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