Savory-Sweet Barley with Tuna at Small Kitchen College

Not sure how many people this is relevant to since friends have me on facebook and online people follow me on twitter, so both groups already get updates on what’s going on here as well as my posts at Small Kitchen College.

But just for the sake of consistency, I thought I’d start linking directly to each new Small Kitchen College post with a couple extra “behind the scenes” details.

Mutual facebook/real life friends of Adam Linder and me will find that this is pretty similar to “THE PROCESS,” a new feature on the site of indie-punk band Sister City. Fyiiiiii, we both thought of these things independently/simultaneously because we have the same values of honesty and transparency, which is my way of saying BAM, we’re awesome.

NEW POST: Healthy Homemade: Savory-Sweet Barley with Tuna

Barley is pretty hilarious to me because it’s SOOO GOOD, it’s just so satisfyingly chewy, but really, who eats barley??? What is “barley,” per se? It’s basically just a grain, like rice but a thousand times healthier and better tasting. More details in the post.

Anecdote for health nuts: I bought this bag of barley awhile ago, put it in tupperware and threw away the bag. So SILLY ME, the whole time I’m doing this post I was thinking it was BULGUR not BARLEY! Here I am google imaging bulgur like “hmm, this doesn’t look right…” Then I followed cooking instructions for bulgur and I’m like “hmm, this definitely isn’t right…” LOLZ, I finally somehow discovered my error. People obsessed with healthy grains are just losing it right now due to my wacky mix-up!

So that’s what happened behind the scenes of this bowl of barley. Also I made up this recipe all by myself.


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