Breakfast for Dinner Party: Cereal

Seriously, how whimsical are these things? It’s like saying “Skewers, have I got NEWS for you!” Skewers in general are the master of the finger food and also of aesthetic pleasure since they set up color and shape patterns, which our eyes just adore. With the sugary kiddie cereal it’s at once sophisticated and childish, forever frozen in time!

Alternating between two different color schemes completes the look. I used Cocoa Puffs and Fruit Loops, generic brands to save a couple bucks. Literally, a couple of them plus like 50 cents…

These just use the standard “Rice Krispie Treat” recipe you’re going to find on the Rice Krispies website or in very, very slight variations all across the internet for “marshmallow cereal bars.”

Standard cereal bar recipe: Melt 3 tablespoons butter over med. heat in large pot. Add 4 cups mini marshmallows, stir til melted. Remove from heat, add 6 cups cereal, stir til coated. Spread into greased pan, put in fridge to harden.

Cut into 1 inch cubes, skewer ’em up, freeze them if you wish and consume them within a couple days of taking them out of the freezer. They only take about 20 mins. to thaw.

Pretty uber pleased with myself because I came up with this idea then checked the internet to see if anyone had beat me to the punch but they HADN’T!! I punched you guys, KAPOW!!!

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