Breakfast for Dinner Party

A Breakfast For Dinner Party is bound to be a success for a number of reasons. That number is five:

  1. Everyone freaking loves breakfast.
  2. Breakfast food is mostly carbs (flour) and eggs=CHEAP
  3. Carbs and eggs are simple to prepare=EASY
  4. Carbs and eggs can mostly be made ahead of time and successfully frozen.
  5. Lots of vegetarian stuff.

Our breakfast for dinner party doubled as a going away party for myself and Adam Linder, singer/songwriter/guitarist for the indie-punk band Sister City. We are soon moving out of Worcester into Philadelphia to engage in bigger city living that is not in New England but still on the East Coast and is smaller and less expensive than New York. Cities seem to suitably house “the arts,” so we’re hoping goes well for us.

My vision for the food here was as such: [Breakfast for (Dinner] Party). So we have “breakfast for dinner” and “dinner party” combined into one. It was not an actual sit-down”dinner party,” the term more connotes a general “upscale” element, if you will. I wanted to take traditional breakfast foods and translate them into an hors d’oeuvre/appetizer style items, a distinction that I don’t know how many people noticed/cared about but was important to me and made me feel like a food designer in my mind.

This was NOT called “Brinner” because combining words is like a 10 on some people’s scale of funny, and I just think it’s completely unwarranted. Anything that scores a 5 in originality cannot score a 10 in humor.

Next order of business: Abe. Probably my biggest fear/paranoia in life is that Abe will fall and smash into pieces or by some strange and highly unlikely (but semi-likely in my mind) circumstance be STOLEN BY THIEVES!! Or thieves might carelessly smash him to the floor in their mad search for our grandmothers’ golden brooches. I mean a household of two (not related) people has/had four grandmothers between them, there MUST be a brooch somewhere among them!!!

But no, there are no brooches among us, and I have spent a happy four and a half years here in Main South (non-Worcesterites read as “gun city,” some people say) without a hoodlum having accosted me, so it can be done, folks, it can be done…

Most important order of business, why I am writing to you today:

I wanted to share the recipes I used because, as I opened with, there are five whole reasons that a breakfast for dinner party benefits both the host(s) and guest(s). To elaborate on reason #2 (CHEAP), just busted out the Pricechopper receipt, I spent $44.12, plus pantry items I already had, so what’s that? Between about 20 people who came? $2.22* A PERSON?!?!?! Unheard of, party-throwers. Of which one has not heard.

*We did have people BYOB and byo mixers, which certainly helps, but BYOB is kinda becoming standard and mixers would still keep you around $3 a person, definitely not bad…

Thank you to everyone who showed up and made me happy by eating my food and enjoying our company. It was a fun time. I will miss you all, keep on succeeding in all you do PLZ!!!! HAGS haha (“Have a great summer” circa 6th grade yearbooks)

Please explore my Breakfast for Dinner Party spins on the following:

Breakfast Sandwich
Cinnamon Buns
Scrambled Eggs


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