Breakfast for Dinner Party: Oatmeal

Well who doesn’t like cookies, obviously? I’m not really sure if there are people out there who HATE oatmeal cookies. People hate oatmeal, but generally granola bars and oatmeal cookies are safe.

This dish is pretty self-explanatory. I used this recipe for Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Cookies from Joy the Baker,  just put into a mini-muffin tin. Grease that pan good, kiddies, and chop the apples more finely so you don’t have chunks falling out of your cookies all over the place. Makes about 24 cookie cups. I’d rate it highly. They were soft and flavorful. The apples were a nice addition.

The frosting used an apple cider “jelly” I made by simmering one quart of apple cider with a tiny but of mulling spices til it reduced to a mere cup, all of its flavor concentrated four times stronger! It’s a pretty cool fall amenity that also tastes good in vanilla yogurt. Gives you quite the puckerface.

I used a random combination of things pretty similar to this recipe at Epicurious that uses regular apple cider, which you’re welcome to use instead of boiling down your whole jug of cider that you might enjoy drinking.

General info: Don’t be afraid to try making standard cookie recipes (oatmeal, chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter)  into cookie cups without any modifications except a potential decrease in cooking time. Check on them 5 minutes before the directed time. Just a nice change of pace in the cookie life.


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2 Responses to Breakfast for Dinner Party: Oatmeal

  1. Deb says:

    These were soooooooooo good! I love oatmeal cookies but not raisins, and plain oatmeal cookies aren’t always what I want, and though I love chocolate chips, one of my favorite things about oatmeal cookies is that I can pretend I’m being healthy, which is challenging when I’m including chocolate. I still have to make these for myself but WOW they were great! I’m surprised that it’s just a regular cookie recipe. Makes it way less intimidating.

    • Thanks, Deb!! Yeah, you only need one apple and it’s pretty much a regular oatmeal cookie, so you are good to go! I’m not a raisin fan either, I usually go with chocolate chips. But apples are a good second place.

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