Breakfast for Dinner Party: Bacon

Not really a neat and tidy hors d’oeuvre, but it certainly is finger food and certainly CERTAINLY is delicious. You can’t really know about candied bacon and not want to share it with others… Candied bacon is just bacon cooked up with some brown sugar. Obviously it’s going to be good.

Many people asked me about how this candied bacon came to be, and honestly, I have had my troubles with it (including this time), so I can’t tell you it’s the easiest thing in the world to make. It all takes place in the oven, which is an easy way to evenly cook your bacon, regular or with sugar.

The ingredients are simple and the process is simple, but the science is where they getcha. Sugar (very sugary because it’s sugar) and bacon (very fatty) are both highly temperamental elements and do not often act in unison towards meltiness and crispiness, respectively. The thing is, you want the sugar to melt and adhere to the bacon BUT if it gets too hot it just melts all over the pan, burns and the smoke detector WILL go off. It will. I use a higher temp. than listed on the recipe, so perhaps that could also explain the beeping I’ve endured…

Recipe: Candied bacon from The Kitchn

I also use WAY more sugar than they do coating it on both sides instead of one, so actually the chaos of this experience is beginning to look like my own doing…

The issue is that if you were one of my esteemed party-goers who enjoyed this item and you wanted the EXACT same results, you’d also have to undergo complete chaos and check on it every 5 minutes, arbitrarily changing the temp. every time, which is kind of my style but not something I wish on others.

HOWEVER, following the recipe as written is a safe bet, and if it doesn’t turn out sugary enough, then you just have regular bacon with a little bit of sugar, which is still a treat.


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