Breakfast for Dinner Party: Cinnamon Buns

Mini-cinis!!! Basically the whole time I was making these I was thinking of the ones at Burger King, if anyone has had those. I haven’t in quite awhile but the memory is still strong.

The recipe I used is are these Cinnamon Rolls from King Arthur Flour. This is where I go for all my bread stuff because I find them very reliable. The only exception: I made THREE TIMES more cinnamon and sugar filling than stated in the recipe. I also made this Cinnamon Bread from them recently and did the same thing. I mean really, look at the photos. That looks like a pretty normal amount of cinnamon for your bun, as far as I’m concerned. Imagine one third of that. Why would anyone think that was okay???

Also, the recipe is for regular sized rolls. I made mine mini by making two 12″x8″ rectangles of dough instead of one 16″x12″. So then the 12″ becomes the long way instead of the short way. Bake them in cake pans like the recipe says, DON’T think they might work in mini muffin pans. I made a crunchy kinda burned batch like that and even though they were decent and I was super busy, my conscience couldn’t take it…

Cinnamon buns are made using yeast, which was unclear to me just eating them through the years. That means they’re more high-maintenance than they seem, unfortunately. The advice I’d give for going from someone who has never made their own bread to someone who is comfortable making their own bread is to start with no-knead varieties. For these you just mix together water, flour and yeast in a bowl and let it sit for many hours. That will kind of give you a feel for what bread dough is like without having to worry that you kneaded it incorrectly.

All in all, it is a process that requires repeated reading of instructions and lots of patience if the stupid thing doesn’t rise in the time it said it should because of the weather or something like that. So it’s just another level of difficulty but not by any means an insurmountable obstacle!

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