How to Booze Your Food at Small Kitchen College

How to: Booze Your Food

This post is from last week on Small Kitchen College but since I was already booked up here I decided to save it. Two posts in one day, what a crazy world THAT would be!!

Boozing my food aka cooking with liquor is something I like to do because I don’t drink that often but I still feel compelled to take advantage of these varied substances that I’m now legally permitted to purchase.

Most people are somewhat surprised at the selection of boozes that Adam Linder, singer/songwriter/guitarist of the indie-punk band Sister City, and I keep around, various liqueurs and such. Since neither of us can tolerate the taste of actual alcohol and don’t suck it down at quite the rate as all y’all, we’ve got more cocktaily type stuff. Like cocktails with 2 kinds of alcohol, not just vodka and juice. Ya know, Triple Sec. Serious business.

Futhermore, I’m a pretty big fan of coq au vin because it’s all bacony and gravy-y. It’s something I would like to eat right now.

Those are the two main reasons I decided to write this post. Enjoy!



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