Chocolate Library

Just something I decided to spend my time on. A chocolate photoshoot. Without actual raw naked chocolate, which is actually something to look at. Just the pure volume of my collection, which I think is hilarious, is on display here.

There’s a Lindt outlet nearby that sells these bars at 10 for $10; they usually go for $2.50 or so, so you can understand the spike in my heart rate upon each visit.

Every time I open the fridge, I think of this as my chocolate library.

Foods libraries… NEED I remind you???

Percentage of my readers who watch Metalocalypse: 10%,  +/- 10%. Show yourselves. You don’t need to be the silent minority any longer.

Things for which I often use these chocolate bars. They are good ideas.

Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Souffles from Giada DeLaurentiis.

Chocolate Sorbet from Cooking Light. Always a treat. I also reduce the sugar so I feel double healthy. Just tastes chocolatey. DARK chocolately.

This Super Effing Rich Brownie from Brown Eyed Baker. I’ve only made this once with my pal Mary (BIG UPS!) but oh man. If I wanted to indulge to the VERY highest tier of indulgence more often, I would most likely make these brownies a lot.

Coconut Chocolate Pudding from 101 Cookbooks. Featured in my Recipes I’ve Made One Million Times post. My mom recently requested this and didn’t believe that it was pudding and not some thicker, more involved concoction because it was SO RICH.

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One Response to Chocolate Library

  1. You’re not quite a Library of Congress-level chocolate collector, but I am in awe of your collection. I don’t live near a Lindt outlet, so I have to watch for sales. Have you tried Lindt with Sea Salt – amazing.

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